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Themes are for Eighth-grade Book Reports

The highlight of that article for me was:

“On Game of Thrones, characters are free to while away hours, even entire seasons, on the periphery.”

I made a post before about creation a Game of Thrones reboot sometime in the not so distant future.

Would anyone be keen on helping me with this? I’ve been interpreting the early sections of A Game of Thrones into a content organization, and I’ve gotta state it’s good times.

On the off chance that anyone might want to assist me with this you can message me and we’ll trade messages and such. I think it’d be acceptable fun and perhaps if things get this show on the road there could be a kickstarter and possibly we’d make a pilot sometime in the future.

Be the head author of the Game of Thrones Reboot of 2035. It will follow the books and will by no means suck. I guarantee that you will all observe Lady Stoneheart and the genuine Stannis Baratheon on TV sometime in the future. I will do this for you, the faithful enthusiasts of ASoIaF.

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